Hulk on his knees??

So as nerds. geeks, and weirdoes we tend to consider and ponder things that have no bearing on reality. We spend so much time analyzing, emulating, and believing characters we love exist but actually do not. Soooo…we are religious fanatics in a way. Except we don’t kill others who don’t like the same heroes as us (in most cases). This got me wondering…what religion, if any, would the Hulk subscribe too. 

Obviously based on the recent Avengers movie he has no love or respect for the Norse gods. He once tried to crush his enemies with a pyramid…apparently no respect for the dead Pharaoh’s of Egypt (they were thought to be gods).

As far as I know the Hulk had no interest in Judaism or Buddhism…although I am sure Banner has utilized relaxation techniques prescribed by Buddhism and similar forms of thought. Which leads me to my next point…Banner. If he has a certain religion or belief…does that apply to Hulk? Are they the same person? And that is the million dollar question. Now arguments can be made for and against. The nature of the soul, etc.

According to one site,, Hulk is a Christian based on Banner’s affiliation to it. Now it is noted that this affiliation is lapsed meaning not renewed. So it could be a moot point. The only real evidence we have of this is Banner’s wedding to Betty Ross. Personally I don’t feel this is a solid reason to determine specifically Christianity. In any case the Hulk doesn’t follow the Christian values per say. He doesn’t turn the other cheek. He smashes. However, the Hulk is quick to forgive if his enemy is able to apologize. Now I emphasize the term able…because the Hulk doesn’t usually sit still long enough to listen.

Honestly I can’t see the Hulk prescribing to a religion. He can live virtually forever and I cite Hulk in the comic Hulk: The End. He is the last living superhero/being on the planet Earth. Even Banner dies and leaves him behind. The Hulk is a force of nature…in the end he will fade away. Much like the mighty mountains he will erode to dust. What Hulk expects beyond that is anyone’s guess?


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