Diamond Select Hulk Maquette (2005)

Diamond Select HulkI figure if I am to begin documenting my collection I should start..well..at the beginning. This is the oldest and first Hulk figure I purchased (that I still own at least). This is the Diamond Select Hulk Maquette. I believe I purchased him around 2006 for around $50-$100. He stands 9 inces tall. These were released in 2005 and limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide. This one is #137. Created quite early in production which I believe adds to his value. The base is a little marked up but the figure itself is in good shape. Sadly I had this guy when moving and before placing him in a protective case, in which he currently resides. So I regret any damage but for the most part he is in great shape considering.

He has no moving parts. He simply stands in a very basic yet menacing pose. He appears to be made of a hard plastic or resin. The sculptor was Gabriel Marquez.

eBay value has him around:

  • $200-300 (3/13/17)
  • $150-300 (4/27/16)
  • $200-300 (6/10/15)
  • $250-300 (9/1/14)
  • $300 (7/4/13)

A great figure for my collection. I consider him my main hulk piece.  He represents, at least to me, the basic Hulk, rage waiting to be unleashed.


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